• Auditions for the Spring Productions will be Dec. 18 & 19 from 4:30-6:30 in the auditorium. Students DO NOT need to attend both days.

  • Students can audition for one or the other or both productions. The audition is the same.

  • The audition will be a combination of a cold reading and a monologue audition. Students can prepare and memorize their materials, but they do not need to.

    • Students auditioning for one production need to choose and print one of the Audition Monologues. You may prepare the monologue for performance, or just bring the paper.

    • You will not be penalized if you have not prepared or memorized the monologue.

    • Students auditioning for both shows should bring two monologues. Selections should show range/contrast.

  • Bring a pencil to complete the required audition form.

  • Wear comfortable bur professional clothing Do not wear costumes or clothes that restrict movement.

Interested in being the

Stage Manager

Assistant Director

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Technical Crew &

Costumer Selection Meetings See Below.


  • Crew and Costumer Selection for Is He Dead? and Eurydice will be Jan. 7, 4:30-5:30 in the Auditorium.

  • All students are welcome to attend selection meetings and get involved in technical theatre. Crew sizes and positions depend on the needs of the production.

  • You can participate in one or the other or both productions.

  • No experience necessary! We will train you in production work. All you need is an open mind and a strong work ethic!

  • Crews meet after school. Technical crews usually meet Tuesdays and Thursdays and most of the day Saturday. Costuming teams usually meet twice a week, more as we get closer to the show.

  • You do not need to bring anything to the selection meeting except something to write with.

  • Students who work exceptionally well will be invited to join the running crew for the performances.

  • Technical theatre and stagecraft are highly-specialized, high-demand jobs that can lead to certification, apprenticeships, and even careers!


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