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April 5, 2021

MANDATORY MEETING! Officer elections, Impala Improv Rehearsal, and more after school in the auditorium.

Director’s Notes: I am sure that there are questions, concerns, and a lot of feelings about this disruption in our lives, and the effects that this pandemic continues to have on our plans. There is not a lot I can say that hasn’t been said already, but try to remember that your company and your directors are here for you. We may not be able to talk face to face, but we are ready to answer your questions and listen to whatever you want to tell us. Being part of a company means you are never completely alone, even though these days feel pretty lonely. No matter what happens, remember that the ghost light is still burning, which means our theatre still runs, and is still there for you.

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Ethan HlawatyEvents Lead

Alida Kress - Productions Lead 

Addie Kuehn - Outreach Lead

Perry Ragouzis - Troupe Lead

Marissa Trujillo - Communications Lead


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