Production Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need parent permission to be in a show?

Yes! Parents are an important part of this production! You and your parent need to sign a contract to participate, and abide by the schedule and rules for the production. In addition, parents are required to attend a mandatory parent meeting and volunteer to assist on the production.

Do I get credit for doing a production?

Students in the cast and crew will be enrolled in Musical Theatre Production or Theatre Practicum. These classes earn elective credit, and require weekly reflection assignments. Students enrolled in Music Theatre Production in the fall can also enroll in a concurrent enrollment course through Front Range Community College. This earns a semester of transferable college credit at no extra charge! Students participating in BOTH spring productions can receive and additional semester of FRCC credit. Only students in the cast and crew can enroll in these classes, and students who are only in one of the spring productions cannot enroll in the concurrent enrollment course.

Do I need to be in a class to be in a production?

No. Being in a class will help build your skills and knowledge, which may mean more opportunities in productions, but auditions and crew selection are open to all students.

What are Poudre Theatre productions?

Poudre High School's Theatre program puts on three main-stage productions each school year. Usually there is a musical in the fall, a play in winter, and a smaller play or musical in the spring. Auditions and crew selection are held in September and December, and are open to all students. These are the highlights of the school year and showcase our talent, skill, and commitment to excellence in theatre.

I want to be involved in a production, but I do other activities. Can I do both?

We love that you want to do many things, and we will work very hard so that you can do both. On your audition or crew form, you will write down all of your schedule conflicts, real or anticipated. We will consider if we can work around your conflicts, and we may even talk to your coach or advisor. We cannot promise that you can do both, but if we want you on our show, we will try!


How do I audition for productions?

Auditions are open to all students. The audition process usually involves filling out an audition form that tells ubout your skills, experience, schedule, and other important info. The auditon will usually consist of a prepared monologue, or a workshop, or a cold reading, depending on the needs of the production. We have one auditon for both spring semester productions. Student will indicate on their forms if they are auditioning for the Winter Show, the Spring Show, or both. Students are not required to do both productions.

For Spring 2020, am I required to be in both productions?

No. You can do the winter show, "Is He Dead?" or the spring show "Eurydice". Or you can participate in both. There will be one opportunity to audition, in December, and one for crew selection, in January. Students will indicate on their forms if they want to be considered for both shows, or just one or the other.

What do I need for the Spring 2020 auditions?

On the Audition page, you will find a collection of monologues. Select one if you are auditioning for one production, or two if you want to audition for both productions. You should print out your monologue and bring it with you. You do not need to memorize or prepare your monologue(s). You can just bring the paper; you will be asked to recite it as dramatically and believably as you can. If you choose to memorize and/or prepare your monologue(s) for performance, you are welcome to. But this is not required.

Where and when are auditions?

Auditions will be in the auditorium from 4:30-6:30 December 18 and 19. You do not need to come to both days, but you do need to stay the whole time on the day you attend. The cast list for bogth shows will be posted on the call board and on the website before winter break.

Crew & Costuming

What do technical and costuming crews do?

The technical and costume crews are responsible for everything that goes on backstage and behind the scenes. Depending on the production, this might mean designing and building the set, designing and working on lighting, sound, music, and microphones, costume design and construction, special effects, and more! If you are interested in construction, designing, sewing, fashion design, or you really love theatre but don't want to be onstage, crew is a great way to be creative, work on a fun and exciting team, learn new things, and join a great community!

When do crews meet and work?

Crews work after school and on the weekends. At first, crews will work two afternoons a week. Once we get going, we will add Saturday work days (11-5). Once we get to technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances, many members of the crew will be putting in long afternoons and evenings everyday. It IS a major time commitment, but it is totally worth it!

How do I join the tech or costuming crews for the Spring 2020 productions?

Crew and costumer selection will be January 7, after school in the auditorium. You do not need any experience, and all students are welcome. Please bring a pen/pencil to complete your crew form. Crew lists will be posted the next day, and crew meetings will start that week.