STATE 2020 FAQ's

How do I “attend” this year’s conference?

We are working on a plan to "attend" as a troupe: details on this later. However, because the conference is virtual, you can view the content anywhere! Get creative with how you’ll “attend” the conference this year. The important part to remember that, by participating in Virtual ThesCon, you are a part of a larger theatre community in Colorado.

What do conference fees go towards?

Conference registration fees go towards offsetting the cost of the virtual platform as well as setting up Colorado Thespians for future conferences, just like it always does. IE costs go towards paying adjudicators to screen students’ work.

In what format should videos be submitted?

ALL videos (IEs, One Acts, College Auditions, Improv) should be direct Mp4 files or .MOV files. Please DO NOT link to a YouTube video. Mr. Smith can help troubleshoot video issues and questions.

How do students upload their Individual Event recordings?

To upload your student video, simply add a link to the performance in your Thespian account, the same one you register through. To help students achieve optimal recording, share or resource video with them found at the bottom of the Teacher Conference Virtual Hub page.

What will be live vs. recorded?

To help create a more engaging conference, the jr. conference showcase ceremony will be Thursday afternoon and live streamed. The High School conference Thursday evening will also be live streamed. Each ceremony will feature the State Thespian Officers, an address from Chapter Director Tami LoSasso, and the mainstage production will stream live. In addition, the High School conference Friday evening mainstage events and the Saturday afternoon critic’s choice Chapter Select showcase will live stream. Check times in the virtual conference portal when it goes live for these events to share with your students.

Workshops for Junior Conference on Thursday, and the high school conference on Friday and Saturday are recorded, so students and educators can visit those at their leisure, when it doesn’t conflict with school work. Workshops from professional artists from across the country will be available through the end of December. Select student Individual Events will also be available for students to view when it best works for them.

How are the university and scholarship auditions being run?

University auditions and the scholarship competition are all virtual. We are still anticipating a high number of college and university representatives and they are already eagerly registering to see your students. Auditionees will submit a 2 minute audition video. Acting will be 2 minutes of a monologue or contrasting monologues. Musical Theatre will be 2 minutes of a song and a monologue. Tech Theatre will be a 2 minute presentation of a design, portfolio, prompt book, or whatever is appropriate to the design or technical discipline. Be creative and sell yourself! Remember, time starts when you introduce yourself. If you’re auditioning in Musical Theatre, someone off screen can start and stop your music for you.

To upload the audition video as a Mp4 or a .MOV file - NOT a link to YouTube please - students must upload in their personal Thespian account where they signed up for and paid for the audition. Please remember: students MUST be seniors, must have a 2.75 GPA, and must be inducted into your troupe to audition. They must have a membership NUMBER, not a troupe number, and they have to be inducted before the November 10 deadline. No late inductees will be accepted.

Are students limited in how many workshops they can attend?

No! They can attend all of them if they have the time and interest. Attendance at the workshops is on their own time throughout the month of December.

Will there be a Critic’s Choice showcase?

Yes! The Critic’s Choice Chapter Select showcase will be live streamed on Saturday, December 12. Check the virtual conference platform for times. In addition, the middle school ceremony will feature some outstanding IEs by middle school students.

What are deadlines for registration, video submissions, and audition uploads?

  • Registration Deadline: November 10, 2020, midnight

Late registrations accepted and assessed a late fee.

Use your personal login information to register.

  • IE Registration Deadline: November 10, 2020

No late IEs accepted. Use your personal login information to register.

  • Sr. Audition Registration: November 10, 2020, midnight

No late registrations accepted. Students register by creating their own

profile and selecting and paying for an audition at the end of the process.

  • IE Uploads (inc. Tech & Film): December 1, 2020

Upload in the troupe director’s personal account.

  • One Act Uploads: December 1, 2020

Upload in the troupe director’s personal account.

  • Improv Showcase Upload: December 1, 2020

Upload in the troupe director’s personal account.

  • University Audition Upload: December 1, 2020

Upload in the student’s personal account (after payment).

Do I need to register through my school, or can I register on my own?

Registration needs to happen through your troupe director. The first step is to fill out the registration form. See Mr. Smith if you need help or more information.

Do I need to prepare and present an IE to go to State?

Since State is virtual this year, we are suspending the IE requirement for attendance. However, we encourage you to take advantage of the IE opportunity!